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Qui sont les perles d'onyx du centre de l'Atlantique?

March 1, 2022




With the beginning of each new year there comes a chance for change and a chance for renewal. 2022 has already gotten off to a fresh start with the election of two ‘new’ Executive Board members.  Ms. TnT “Moonstone Pearl” has been voted in as Vice President after serving as interim VP. Raven Pearl has been elected as our new Treasurer, having filled the position upon the conclusion of our previous Treasurer, Quiet Pearl’s term. 


The Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls 2022 Executive Board members include:

President: ‘Ruby Pearl - Queen of Hearts’ - Lady Sa’Vage

Vice President: ‘Moonstone Pearl - Tweedle’ - Ms. TnT Impact

Secretary: ‘Opal Pearl - Hare’ - Ms. Kitty

Treasurer: ‘Raven Pearl’ - Harleyycee Quinn

Sergeant -at- Arms: ‘Gemini Pearl’

March 19, 2021


The Onyx Pearls Mid-Atlantic has named Lady Sa'Vage as its new President effective January 2021. Other positions voted on include Vice President, Secretary, and Sgt at Arms. 

Lady Sa'Vage succeeds Mx. Symphonee who under their leadership, the organization has developed its advocacy for the inclusion of non-binary membership within the Onyx Pearls organization as a whole. 

Lady Sa'Vage, who believes in creating safe spaces for all who need them, has been in the lifestyle for over ten years. She is the Founder and Owner of the “Be The DIFference” Educational Munch. 

“My goal is to assist in providing a safe place of healing for my Siblings within the Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls chapter,” says Lady Sa'Vage. “Once we can heal, we can then move forward as One Strand United, We as a stronger, chapter can then start to heal relationships and build bridges with other chapters. However the want and drive to heal is up to us as a Chapter.” 

MAOP's Vice President and Secretary positions are filled by Tasha aka Ms. TNT Impact, and Miss Kitty, respectively, who both crossed as full members after serving the organization as associates. 

Miss Kitty is a detail-oriented Sadist and Dominant who has been active in the community for approximately nine years. She is passionate about all aspects of sex and sexuality, and mental health. “I'm excited to be stepping into the role of Secretary and joining the other members of the Executive Board”, she says. “I look forward to being able to utilize my skills to help the Chapter and my siblings in any way that I can.” 

Tasha, or Ms. TNT as she is lovingly known as in the community, has also been a part of the BDSM community since 2017. “There will always be work that needs to be done for MAOP, and my mission is to strive to do my absolute best to not only get the work accomplished but also to help encourage and uplift my fellow members and to bring the organization closer together”. 

The new President, Vice President, and Secretary are members of the Gems in Wonderland pledge line which crossed in September of last year. Exceptions were voted on for all three members so that they could run without having to wait the one-year requirement. 


Tamu Amira has been voted into the Sgt at Arms position for a second term. Tamu Amira has been a member of MAOP since 2018, coming in on The Trilogy Line. She is a member of the Policy and Procedure Committee and served on The 2019 Events Committee. 

Tamu has been active in the Leather Community by providing service(s) by way of volunteering at POC Events. She is a member of The 757 Spectrum Munch and has served as co-leader for The Hill City Munch and submissive moderator for BDSM Meeting Place. 

Other Executive Board members include Ms. Determined who serves as the organization’s Treasurer. Determined is an experienced dominant leather woman with strong community service roots. She is one of the founders of Philly Black Munch, the first POC-focused munch in Philadelphia, and has a passion for contributing to safe spaces for women and non-binary persons of color in the leather community.

October 8, 2020


Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls New Committee and Chairs Announcement
A new committee has been created as the latest MAOP line joins ranks. New chairs are put in position.

With fresh workers in their midst, the Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls has added a Media and Tech committee.

The newly formed committee is responsible for everything from event marketing to
maintaining and managing the MAOP Zoom room account.

In addition, the Gems in Wonderland line has joined already established committees and are ready to tackle their work head-on. Two siblings from the line: Aya Mocha “The Emerald Pearl Rabbit” and girl alayna “The Lapis Pearl Gryphon” have been named Chairs of two of those committees: Events and Public Relations, respectively.

Chairs of the Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls committees are as follows:

History chaired by Velvet “Fiery Pearl” Storm.
Finance chaired by Misstress Determined “Quiet Pearl”.
Policy & Procedures chaired by Dame Sadie “Peaceful Pearl”.

Events chaired by Aya Mocha “Emerald Pearl”.
Education chaired by Rayne “Pervette Pearl”.
Public Relations chaired by girl alayna “Lapis Pearl”.

A chair has not been determined for the Media and Tech committee.

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