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Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls History

  • 2014 April- Mama Vi, Velvet-Storm, girl Coral, Baroness Silver, and Nawi were asked to form the Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls Chapter. They were called “Pearl in Progress.” 

  • 2014- Chapter contacted by President Lady D. MAOP and OPSE have become the Core Group of Onyx Pearls. 

  • 2015- “Pearls in Progress” are presented with the first MAOP patch during their first retreat in Washington, D.C. by Baroness Silver

  • 2015- “Pearls in Progress” volunteer at several events including the M/s Gathering and Philadelphia Leather Pride Night

  • 2016- “Pearls in Progress” volunteer at events including Night of a Thousand Kinks, Master/slave Conference, and Weekend Reunion

  • 2016- The first MAOP pledge line is formed...” The Seven Sands of Virtue and Vice”.

  • 2016- Velvet-Storm and girl Coral are crossed by Mistress Jill and Mama Vi during 12 Days in Baltimore, Maryland becoming official charter members and the first fully patched Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearls

  • 2017- MAOP join the Men of Onyx Mid Atlantic speak at Widener University, volunteer at MTTA Community Fest, and support Philly Black Munch

  • 2017- The 1st pledge line, Sands of Virtue and Vice, is CROSSED by Mistress Jill and Mama Vi in Indiana​. Nawi becomes the last charter member to cross and become a fully patched Mid-Atlantic Onyx Pearl.

  • 2018- MAOP volunteer at events including Weekend Reunion and 12 Days

  • 2018- Our 2nd Pledge line forms...” The TRILOGY”. 

  • 2018- MAOP hosts our Charity Drive “Tinsel and Tampons”.

  • 2018- Our 2nd pledge line, The TRILOGY, are crossed by Mistress Jill and Mama Vi at 12 Days in Baltimore, Maryland.​


  • 2019- MAOP join the Men of Onyx Mid Atlantic to speak at Widener University and to teachOnyx University at DC Black Pride.

  • 2019- MAOP hosts a panel discussion on Leather 101 for Black Rose. 

  • 2019- MAOP hosts their first bar night “Leather Lace and Pearls” in Baltimore and second bar night, "Leather and Lace" in Philadelphia

  • 2019- MAOP hosts their Charity Drive “Tinsel and Tampons 2019”. 


  • 2019- MAOP becomes a 501c3 nonprofit organization.​

  • 2020- MAOP hosts their “Lipstick and Leather” Bar Night in Richmond, Virginia. 

  • 2020- Our 3rd pledge line, Gems in Wonderland, forms

  • 2020- MAOP hosts the first ever panel featuring 7 of the 8 Original Pearls

  • 2020- Our 3rd pledge line , Gems in Wonderland, are crossed by Mama Vi virtually

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